"Zuza" is a fantastic literary and art series for children of preschool and primary school age. The narrative is adventure-based and includes cognitive as well as game elements. The stories take place in a real microcosm - from the desk to the stump in the woods. Because of our heroes' small stature, still life becomes a landscape for them. The main events take place in an old house and its surroundings. Stylistically, the entire environment is made up of old objects, which give the narrative a retro-flavour as well as the comfort and firmness of true values. However, our heroes are not couch potatoes. They take trips to distant islands and even to other planets.


is a cute and chubby redhead that moves around with the help of «bowpellers». The creature is curious, observant, prone to a cooking philosophy, and has a keen sense of justice. She constantly gets into adventures, but finds an unordinary escape from any situation. Her breed is a house fairy. Zuza sleeps in a straw basket for knitting, where a ball of wool serves as a pillow and an unfinished scarf as a blanket. Zuza feeds exclusively on sweets and has a hard time with her lack of a thin waist. She loves holidays to such an extent that she celebrates her own birthday every day.



is a romantic and a poet to such an extent that he only speaks in verse. He has fine translucent wings like a butterfly or a dragon. May is well-read and prone to chivalry. He lives in the Garden of May (an indoor flower garden). It is believed that May is a descendant of flower elves (in reality though, he is just a common alien). He asserts that he feeds on flower nectar, but no one ever saw him feed on that, prompting Zuza to assume that May "just does not eat." Sometimes it seems that Zuza is indifferent to him.




is a classic bully. Every now and then he makes practical jokes and gets into sticky situations, from which everybody has to bail him out of. He originates from goblins. Dryaba has a pyramid-shaped body that tops out with a hanging bell. He gets around by jumping. The creature eats anything that might get into his wide mouth. He spends the night in a Turkish slipper, which on that basis considers itself to be Dryaba's adoptive mother. His hobby is to imitate others. A fidget and adventurer, Dryaba initiates the majority of travels.


Animate objects - things and little things, tricks and gizmos (usually not very new): pencils, a notepad, a piggy-bank, a kettle, a clock, a lantern, etc. They are all different in age and habits.


Animals - cat Mot nicknamed "Paper Lion", crow nicknamed "Thief", various squirrels, mice, and insects.